Taking action enhances compassion

Students Fund Clean Water Pipeline in Bolivia

Students who learn about about problems in the world but are not empowered to act often become cynical, rather than compassionate. At Williamsburg Academy we believe it’s critical that our students are empowered to make a difference in the world.

Last semester, students in our 6th and 7th grade Humanities course learned that women and children in the small village of Pomani, Bolivia were required to spend hours each day fetching clean water, which prevented the children from attending school. Ms. Liz Kirk developed a partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian by which our students would fund a clean water pipeline to Pomani, and CHOICE would recruit locals and volunteers to install it.

The students set the goal of earning $2,500, and ended up earning $14,364! I’m confident you’ll feel something special as you watch this two-minute video of students sharing the ways they earned this money, and the feelings that prompted them to take action.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.12.37 AMAt Williamsburg, our mission is to prepare promising students for meaningful lives as principled leaders. Our perspective is that leadership isn’t something our students will do in the hypothetical future; it’s something they can do now, liberated and guided by inspiring mentors and compelling curriculum. We’re very proud of these students.

A final note. As you can probably tell, Ms. Kirk has an infectious passion for life, learning, and serving the world. We are excited to announce that effective immediately, Ms. Kirk will serve as the Assistant Headmaster in the high school program. Mr. Brown has been phenomenal in this role during the past couple of years and would now like to spend more time mentoring and developing curriculum, so we are changing things up a bit to accommodate his request. We have dissolved the Assistant Director role at the Middle School (which we were planning to do this summer anyway), and Director Erin Mwanje is now fully responsible for the middle school program. Ms. Kirk will continue to teach Humanities in the middle school program.


James Ure

January 20, 2016