Williamsburg Learning was built by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers. In fact, our founders and many of our 70-plus member team were homeschooled growing up and are now educating their own children from home. As we set out to design our curriculum, we looked back and asked ourselves a simple question: “What did we want and need when we were homeschool youth?”  

By asking this question, we recognized a transition that we went through—a transition that almost all homeschool youth go through—usually between the ages of 10 and 13. This is when we began to yearn for connection, challenges, and purpose from outside the home as we started our journey to become adults.

Homeschooled youth are extraordinarily blessed to grow up with parents who are willing to sacrifice time and money, and put in a lot of hard work to give their kids greater safety and a higher-quality education. At a certain point, though, these youth begin to crave what mom and dad can’t offer on their own. Homeschool youth in this transition phase need to test themselves in the so-called “real world”, to be challenged by outside teachers and mentors, and to see how they measure up with their peers.

Many parents feel stuck between what they know they can offer at home and this new desire for their child to develop with experts and peers through outside experiences. Often, parents react to this transition by sending their kids back to public school, which often offers less safety, less direction, and a lower-quality education than what they get at home.

It is this transition that Williamsburg Learning is designed to support—without taking students out of the home.

Our students attend live, online classes where they interact with fantastic mentors who have expertise in their fields and a penchant for motivation and engagement online. Students do projects, engage in discussions, and gain friendships with peers from around the country. Our students consistently score well above the national and state average on ACT and SAT exams and are placed at some of the most competitive universities in the world.

Parents love the quality of our education. Jennifer T., a parent from Georgia, wrote in her review of Williamsburg Learning, “I have never seen my daughter more excited about learning than she has been while taking classes at Williamsburg. The mentors, projects, books, and assignments are inspiring.

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Williamsburg Learning is more than an online school; it’s a global community. Our students (and often parents) travel with us on adventures all over the world. We’ve taken groups to Germany, Guatemala, Nepal, and to adventure camps right here in the U.S.

Instead of the normal social experience of the public school hallway, our students live adventures with each other, enriching their lives and perspectives as they go. They build deep friendships and interact with incredible people and guides, which helps them truly reach their potential.

By recognizing and facing the homeschool transition head on, we’ve built a highly-rated and award-winning program that supports families in helping young people become adults who live meaningful lives as principled leaders.