This year, Williamsburg graduate Natalie Larson did something amazing: She became the fourth Burger to win a National Honor Society scholarship, capturing one of less than six hundred semifinalist awards for the entire U.S. Natalie’s win makes this the third year in a row that Williamsburg students have won an NHS scholarship—a milestone achievement for our schools and a testament to Burgers’ tenacity and leadership potential. We couldn’t be more excited for Natalie, and we reached out to see how she responded to this news:

How did it feel to find out you’d been selected as a National Semifinalist?!

Honestly, I was shocked when I first opened the email telling me I had been selected as a Semifinalist. Realistically, I knew that there was only a small chance I would receive it. Once my shock wore off, I was ecstatic! Until my senior year, I had rarely received awards, let alone a prestigious award. So, when I received this scholarship, which I had been working towards since my sophomore year (when I first joined WA’s NHS chapter), I felt incredibly grateful.

What part of your Williamsburg education do you think helped you accomplish this the most?

I would have never received this scholarship if it wasn’t for my Williamsburg leadership education, and specifically the leadership opportunities Mrs. Allred provided in the WA NHS Chapter. Before Williamsburg, I rarely had the desire to be a leader. I was content to live an ordinary life, safe inside my comfort zone. The lessons I learned from my Leadership classes, my WA Guatemala Humanitarian Adventure, and through the examples of my peers and amazing mentors helped me to have a desire to serve others through leadership. Williamsburg showed me the road to greatness and has instilled in me a fierce desire to take that road and live an extraordinary life.

What are you excited about now that you’ve earned this award and put so much hard work into your education?

Williamsburg challenged me to do hard things, dream big, and become a better person. I took this challenge, and because I did, I feel more confident in my ability to not only succeed but to thrive in college. I am beyond excited to attend Brigham Young University and the NHS scholarship I just received will help me to fulfill my dream of gaining a higher education.

We’re thrilled to see Burgers continuing to excel in their pursuits from graduation and beyond. Congratulations, Natalie!