Independent Math Courses

Why This Class

No one knows your student like you do—including how they best learn math. If you’ve found a third-party math curriculum that works for your student and they want to continue using it, this course lets them do so while still earning credit towards completing middle school or high school.

Students in this course use the math curriculum of their choice to learn the right math concepts for their skill level (as measured by a comprehensive list of skills from Khan Academy). With encouragement from a mentor and help from math tutors as needed, students practice these skills at their pace. By the end of the semester, they demonstrate mastery of those skills in a final exam—their best score out of a possible three attempts determines their grade for the course.

By completing this course, students not only improve their math skills but also gain confidence in their ability to learn new things on their terms. They feel better prepared to face any future learning challenge, including taking on the next level of math.

Key Questions

Do I have the self-discipline necessary to do math work daily and mostly on my own?

Can I persist in problem-solving and ask for help when I need it?

What arithmetic skills do I need to be able to master middle school math and progress to high school math?

What math skills do I need to think and work algebraically?

Reading List

Curriculum of choice

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 9–12

Prerequisites: None*

Estimated Weekly Hours: 5-7

Format: Independent

Credits: 0.5

*No prerequisites are required to enroll in Independent Math. However, students should master foundational concepts before moving on to the next level of math. Please contact our Customer Support Team at if you have questions.
Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.