Our Team


  • Berit Green

    Berit Green

    Berit is new to Williamsburg this year, coming to you from Arlington, VA. She grew up half of her life near the beach in Southern California and the other half of her life in the mountains of a small town in Northern Utah. She values the education she received all the way up until earning her B.S. in Public Health and her B.A. in French both at Brigham Young University. Her love and knowledge of French stems from living in Paris on a study abroad, French Polynesia as a missionary for her church, and years working as a social worker with newly arrived refugees in the United States. She’s a brand new mom to a sweet girl and wife to a wonderful guy. Together, they love canoeing around the national monuments on the Potomac, finding hidden trails to hike outside the city, and making cooking videos. She is excited to be a part of the Williamsburg community!

  • Elizabeth Sutton

    Program Leader & Mentor
    Elizabeth Sutton
    Program Leader & Mentor

    There is nothing I love so well as the moment of epiphany that marks when real learning occurs. I love everything about the learning process, but mostly I love the way that my students breathe life into what we’re studying. I find that as I teach, I’m always learning, and I find that cycle deliciously exhilarating. I graduated from BYU with a degree in English Teaching and Japanese; I also pursued a Master’s Degree in Literacy at Utah State University. I’ve spent most of my adult life teaching: Japanese and English Language Arts to high-schoolers, reading skills to elementary schoolers, and a course I like to call “How to be a Person” taught exclusively to my two children.

    I currently reside in Western New York where the weather colors everything we do. Here, summer is verdant and I like to camp and hike and fill up on sunshine; winters are long and grey– it feels a little like Narnia. Then, suddenly, a tulip leaf peeks out of the snow, and hope renews: this is spring. Of course, nothing beats autumn. In the shade of gold and red trees, we harvest apples, concord grapes, and giant peaches so full of juice that when you take a bite it dribbles down your chin. I like traveling, being with my family, and when all else fails, a soft chair, a giant bowl of popcorn, and a really good book.

  • Rob Noorda

    Director of Self Paced Education & Mentor
    Rob Noorda
    Director of Self Paced Education & Mentor

    I’m a committed jack-of-all-trades with a wide variety of interests, from astronomy to beekeeping to bookbinding. I run a few websites and own a small publishing company with my wife. I speak Chinese and really bad Spanish. I travel a lot, but mostly in search of Mexican food.

    I grew up in Las Vegas, but am currently living in Scotland, where I am constantly freezing and often cry myself to sleep because I can’t find a Taco Bell. I live right by a castle, but haven’t seen the sun in months.

    I studied Chinese and Business Management at Brigham Young University, including lots of travel around Asia working with and learning from international businesses there.

    My one weakness is my hardcore red-green colorblindness, so I can easily be bested in a game of Uno.

Administrative Staff

  • Bryon Richardson

    LANV Executive Director
    Bryon Richardson
    LANV Executive Director

    I must have had great teachers throughout my schooling because I have always wanted to work with youth as a career.

    I grew up and graduated from high school in Brigham City, Utah. After high school, I lived in Germany for two years, then returned to my studies and graduated from the University of Utah in 1996 with a B.S. in Sociology and a Certificate in Criminology and Corrections. After a few years working with incarcerated youth, I realized the importance of education and the effect it can have on their lives and moved my young family to attend the University of Northern Colorado, where I graduated with my M.A. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in 1999. Soon after graduation, I moved to Las Vegas to work at UNLV with economically disadvantaged high school students to get them ready for postsecondary education. Most recently, I have been a principal of a small charter school on the Northern Ute Indian Reservation in Northeast Utah.

    Now, my family and I are back “home” in Las Vegas. After studying about and working in various educational settings, I am excited to be the Executive Director of the Leadership Academy of Nevada. LANV is what I envision the ideal educational setting to be: motivated students working with top mentors to increase both academic knowledge and leadership skills. I can’t wait to see the growth of our students and the men and women they will become!

  • Peter Jensen

    LAU Executive Director
    Peter Jensen
    LAU Executive Director

    I grew up in rural farm country in Riverside Utah. I come from a family of nine brothers and one sister. After school, I spent two years in London, England. I then attended Utah State University, ultimately receiving my degree in Political Science. While at school I met and married my wife Tammy. After graduation, I received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force and proceeded to spend six years on active duty. While serving I have had the opportunity to deploy three times, twice to Iraq and once to the former Yugoslavia. After leaving active duty, I ran a private school in Northern Utah for two years. I currently live in Fielding Utah and have three girls aged fifteen, twelve and ten. I still do reserve work for the military, spend lots of time reading and studying, but mostly love being with my family.

  • Anya Yeager

    Director of School Partnerships
    Anya Yeager
    Director of School Partnerships


    My name is Anya Yeager. I have worked in education now for over 20 years! I have undergraduate degrees in Child Development and Social and Behavioral Sciences. I also hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and an Administrative Endorsement in K-12 School Leadership.  I began my career as a teacher, and have since held multiple administrative positions including with the Utah State Office of Child Care as a ‘Quality Improvement Consultant’ and as Director of Special Education, Assistant Director, and Executive Director of George Washington Academy, an academically rigorous charter school in St. George, Utah serving over 1000 students.   I was drawn to the charter school world when I couldn’t find a public school option that was right for my own children and I have been highly involved in school choice for over a decade. During that time, my proud professional moments have included earning the title of ‘Charter School of the Year’ 2013 and ‘Rookie of the Year’ 2015 with GWA. It was there that I met James Ure, who was serving on our Board of Directors, and learned about Williamsburg Learning and its exceptional model of online learning.

    I feel as if everything I have ever studied or been interested in has led me to this position at Williamsburg Learning. I am a strong believer in school choice, high expectations for student learning, and the idea that parents should be able to be as involved as they can in their children’s education.  I truly believe in Williamsburg Learning’s mission and vision of amazing academics and leadership. The Williamsburg Curriculum, combined with devoted teachers and incredibly supportive families, is enabling students to reach their highest potential and will make the world a better place, one person at a time.   I also love that I get to be a part of the amazing team of individuals that has been assembled at WL and all of their partner schools. I am learning and being inspired daily!

    I have been married to my husband, Alex, for 22 years, and we have three amazing children (two boys and a girl). My personal passions are the ocean, travel, art, chocolate, and hot yoga.  I am excited for many new adventures to come at WL!

    That’s me when I was 3 or so…

  • Shelly Jenkins

    Customer Service Team Leader
    Shelly Jenkins
    Customer Service Team Leader

    Growing up I always surrounded myself with good books.  Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading to me from Dr. Seuss and The Berenstain Bears.  As a teen, it was not uncommon for me to read two or three books a day!  While I don’t have time to do that any longer, I do still love to curl up with a book and see what adventures I get to go on through its pages.   How lucky I am to have found an opportunity to work here at Williamsburg where I get to work with amazing people, get exposed to some great books, and interact with incredible youth and their parents!

    I currently reside in Northern Utah where I enjoy looking at the beautiful mountains each day.  My husband and I are super busy raising and homeschooling nine super awesome kids.  There is never a dull moment in our home!  In between it all, I also love running through summer rainstorms, sitting around a campfire with family and/or friends, meditating by a river, laughing with my family, and enjoying late night chats with my kids.

  • Liz Kirk

    Williamsburg Learning Executive, Director of Williamsburg International, & Middle School Co-founder
    Liz Kirk
    Williamsburg Learning Executive, Director of Williamsburg International, & Middle School Co-founder

    Several years ago, I met with a fascinating woman to talk about my personal mission in life. She and her husband are among the most prominent of social connectors – friends with several US Presidents, on the Academy Awards committee, active on Capitol Hill. As we sat down in my office in Washington, DC, she helped me open up to the many possibilities for my future. I thought about what I wanted to do next. The answer was so clear to me in that moment and always had been – education reform. Almost in tears, I decided right there that whatever it took, I would find a meaningful role in education. Something totally different than I had experienced in my early years teaching in the public and charter school systems. If there were none, I’d scratch something out for myself.

    Within a couple of weeks, I was sitting down with Pete Jensen, James Ure and Erin Mwanje to discuss co-founding the new middle school. Creating the school was among the most difficult and rewarding work of my life. The WA Middle School is a place where my ideals from childhood came alive. I am so excited to take move to my next adventure in the challenging role of Headmaster at the High School. I love working with students and writing curriculum. I love education, and am constantly working on my own! I studied English Literature in my undergraduate program, and earned a master’s degree in Education a few years later. I grew up in Texas and have lived in New York City, Washington DC, and most recently in San Diego. We love travel and I’ve explored China’s political history and Italy’s magnificent artistic history while in those countries. These experiences have helped prepare me for the rich discussions we’ll be having in the classroom, as well as the exciting journey we’ll be taking together this year! I’m so excited to be working with the exceptional students at the Williamsburg Academy!

  • James Ure

    President & Co-Founder
    James Ure
    President & Co-Founder

    As a co-founder of Williamsburg Learning, James is on a mission to transform education in the 21st century. He loves preparing students to live meaningful lives as principled leaders. He also loves inspiring a young generation of parents, teachers, and education leaders to bring out the best in students and prepare them for the unique challenges and opportunities in the Information Age. James is a provocative speaker, published writer, and successful education entrepreneur.

    After earning an English degree, James graduated summa cum laude from South Texas College of Law with an emphasis in Constitutional Law. Rather than take the job in the high rise, James decided to partner with his best friend Nels Jensen. Together, they created Williamsburg Learning, a next-generation education model that combines the engagement of an exceptional brick-and-mortar classroom with the flexibility of online learning. James and Nels led development of The Williamsburg Curriculum, which blends great literature, critical thinking, a proprietary sequence of leadership courses, and the latest technologies. They also co-founded Williamsburg Adventures to guide students and educators in humanitarian and outdoor expeditions.

    James lives in the desert of southern Utah with his wife Ange and their four children. He loves running, biking, climbing, literature, movies, rock concerts, yoga, and comedy nights with his nerdy friends. When he grows up he wants to run for office and promote meaningful education reforms.

  • Lucas Reynolds

    Executive Director & Mentor
    Lucas Reynolds
    Executive Director & Mentor

    As a skinny, (and somewhat nerdy), twelve-year-old homeschool student, I read seventeen Shakespeare plays over the course of three months. As I read something changed inside of me, and I discovered how much I loved grappling with challenging, but meaningful literature. I began seeing Julius Caesar, Hamlet, MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet all around me. Not the actual characters, but I started seeing life-lessons from these plays unfolding all around me. Since then, I have gained a deep love for education which challenges students to grapple with difficult, but rewarding classics.

    My passion for learning and teaching through great works led me to attend three different Liberal-arts schools (George Wythe University, Southern Virginia University, and Concordia University of Portland) gaining degrees in Politics, Spanish, and a Masters of Educational Leadership. I was thrilled in 2012 to join with like-minded educators here at Williamsburg, determined to provide high-quality liberal-arts education to students around the globe.

    My wife, Catherine, and I live in St. George, Utah, with our three children. We enjoy exploring southern Utah’s beautiful red-rocks as a family. I also enjoy reading great books, running, cycling, swimming, backpacking, and playing flag football with friends and students.

  • Nels Peter Jensen

    Co-Founder & CEO
    Nels Peter Jensen
    Co-Founder & CEO

    My favorite people are my family, friends, and students. My favorite things are mountains, bicycles, and books. I love to do any activity that combines my favorite people and favorite things. I also love working with my team at Williamsburg to create high quality and flexible online learning options––options that weren’t available during my youth. Growing up I participated in both homeschool and public school. I am grateful to my parents for introducing me to some of the world’s great literature. Tom Sawyer and David Copperfield are two books that have significantly impacted my life. Although I had many excellent learning opportunities at home and in school, I longed for more interaction with like-minded peers and adults that had expertise in areas my parents didn’t, and were passionate about life and learning. I find satisfaction and meaning in helping to provide a positive and challenging learning environment for our students.

    I studied liberal arts in college, and went on to earn an MBA from the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas. After Acton, I wanted to combine my passion for Socratic learning, educational entrepreneurship, and the outdoors. This led to my work as co-founder of Williamsburg Academy and Elevation Outdoors. I live in Saint George, Utah, with my wife and five children.

  • Adam Hailstone

    Chief Marketing Officer & Program Leader
    Adam Hailstone
    Chief Marketing Officer & Program Leader

    When I was 14 years old, I went through a dramatic change in my life. I realized it was up to me to get an education—no one else was going to do it for me. I say “dramatic” because I went from a student who was dragging his feet and learning practically nothing, to a student who was enthusiastic about learning, life, and having impact. Since then I have sought to help others push through educational, personal and cultural barriers to obtain greater learning. During college I was able to take that desire to audiences around the United States and Canada. With my professors, and eventually on my own, I spoke to groups about education, politics, worldviews and the direction of our society. It was a fulfilling time in my life.

    I live in Cedar City, Utah, where I graduated from George Wythe University with a BA in Liberal Arts. After college, I started two small businesses. I had big plans and it was a great learning experience, but something was missing. I longed for the opportunity to once again help people obtain a greater education. Then, a few years ago, I sold one business and closed the other to join the faculty of Williamsburg Academy full time. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love what I do! I get to help students look at the world, its people, cultures, problems and beauty and show them how to navigate it and the opportunities they have to change it. My goal as a mentor is to help students to look inwardly and see themselves as they really are and then decide to become what they see.

  • Ben Brown

    Director of Business Development & Mentor
    Ben Brown
    Director of Business Development & Mentor

    I started reading about the same time I started talking, and I’ve loved doing both ever since. I have this insatiable hunger to know everything and so I read all sorts of topics––history, philosophy, psychology literature, business, leadership, science, current events, etc. I can’t stop at just learning things though; as soon as I’ve learned something new it wants to come roaring out of my mouth to the first person I see, regardless of how interested they are. So, mentoring was a natural fit for me: it gave me a venue to teach and a reason to learn. I studied liberal arts in college and received a BA from George Wythe University in 2010.

    I grew up in a large family on a small ranch in Wyoming, where the weather was cold and windy and the sunsets were beautiful. I got bored with my homeschool curriculum when I was 17 and started attending the local college, where I discovered debate. I went on to win the Silver Award at the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament in 2007, and debate is one of my favorite subjects to teach. During college I spent a summer in Uganda, Africa, teaching teacher development courses to primary and secondary school teachers. I ran from monkeys and warthogs, whitewater rafted the Nile, and wooed a fellow traveler, Ellie. We later married, and now have three kids––Charly, Malcolm, and Murphy––and live in Saint George, Utah. Besides reading, I also enjoy rock climbing, yoga, and Saturday morning hikes with my family, and I have a huge man-crush on Abraham Lincoln. Before I die I would like to rock climb the Great Wall of China, do yoga in a Hindu temple in India, and backpack all over Iceland.


  • Gary Arnell

    Chief Technology Officer
    Gary Arnell
    Chief Technology Officer

    I grew up in southern California where I gained a love for the outdoors (especially the beach and Santa Monica mountains) early in life. I completed my undergraduate studies at Utah State University, where I studied business and computer science.  After graduating I returned to southern California where I worked as a software engineer and project manager. For the last nine years I’ve combined my passion for technology and education, working at schools in California and Utah.

    I love teaching at Williamsburg, and––unable to stifle the inner-geek––also oversee all technology concerns for Williamsburg Academy, including the development of our Student Information Services website. I am married to the former Liesl Chambers. We reside with our six children in Cedar City, UT. I love young people and the outdoors–– I’m a volunteer in a local BSA troop and encourage the boys to spend as much time as possible in the beautiful red rock of southern Utah.  I enjoy spending time with my family, especially if it involves canyoneering, hiking, backpacking, reading and dancing.