A-G Ready Courses for
California Partner Schools and Students

The content on this page is specific to California partner schools and students where high school credits in “A-G Ready Courses” are required for acceptance into California universities. An asterisk (*) denotes a University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) honors designation.

What are A-G Courses?

A-G Ready Courses are a sequence of high school courses that students must complete (with a grade of C or better) to be minimally eligible for admission to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU). They represent the basic level of academic preparation that high school students should achieve to undertake university work. The UC has an HS Articulation team that reviews, evaluates, and approves courses that meet the qualifications of quality and rigor required for A-G Ready Course status.

Current A-G Ready Courses offered by Williamsburg Learning

The following is the list of Williamsburg Learning courses that have previously been reviewed and approved by the UC-HS Articulation team or that we feel confident would be approved if an official review by the UC is requested:

A – History/Social Science

Geography & World Events (Live & Self-Paced)
Geography & World Events – Honors (Live)*
Government & Economics A (Live & Self-Paced)
U.S. History A (Live & Self-Paced)
U.S. History B (Live & Self-Paced)
U.S. History A – Honors (Live)*
U.S. History B – Honors (Live)*
World Civilizations (Live & Self-Paced)
World Civilizations – Honors (Live)*

B – English

American Literature A (Live & Self-Paced)
American Literature B (Live & Self-Paced)
American Literature A – Honors (Live)*
American Literature B – Honors (Live)*
Political Literature (Live & Self-Paced)
Political Literature – Honors (Live)*
Short Stories (Live & Self-Paced)
Short Stories – Honors (Live)*
World Literature A (Live & Self-Paced)
World Literature B (Live & Self-Paced)
World Literature A – Honors (Live)*
World Literature B – Honors (Live)*
Writing & Rhetoric A (Live & Self-Paced)
Writing & Rhetoric B (Live & Self-Paced)
Writing & Rhetoric A – Honors (Live)
Writing & Rhetoric B – Honors (Live)

C – Mathematics

Algebra 1 A (Self-Paced)
Algebra 1 B (Self-Paced)
Algebra 2 A (Self-Paced)
Algebra 2 B (Self-Paced)
Calculus A  (Self-Paced)
Calculus B (Self-Paced)
Geometry A (Self-Paced)
Geometry B (Self-Paced)
HS Math 1 A (Live & Self-Paced)
HS Math 1 B (Live & Self-Paced)
HS Math 1 A – Honors (Live)
HS Math 1 B – Honors (Live)
HS Math 2 A (Live & Self-Paced)
HS Math 2 B (Live & Self-Paced)
HS Math 2 A – Honors (Live)
HS Math 2 B – Honors (Live)
HS Math 3 A (Live & Self-Paced)
HS Math 3 B (Live & Self-Paced)
HS Math 3 A – Honors (Live)
HS Math 3 B – Honors (Live)
Pre-Calculus A (Live & Self-Paced)
Pre-Calculus B (Live & Self-Paced)
Pre-Calculus A – Honors (Live)*
Pre-Calculus B – Honors (Live)*

D – Science

Biology A (Live & Self-Paced)
Biology B (Live & Self-Paced)
Chemistry A (Live & Self-Paced)
Chemistry B (Live & Self-Paced)
Earth Science A (Live & Self-Paced)
Earth Science B (Live & Self-Paced)
Physics A (Live & Self-Paced)
Physics B (Live & Self-Paced)

E – Language other than English

Spanish 1 A/B (Self-Paced)
Spanish 2 A/B (Self-Paced)
German 1 A/B (Self-Paced)
German 2 A/B (Self-Paced)
French 1 A/B (Self-Paced)
French 2 A/B (Self-Paced)

Note: Other Rosetta Stone languages are A-G ready and descriptions are available upon request

F – Visual and Performing Arts

Digital Art and Graphic Design (Self-Paced)

G – College-Preparatory Elective

Astronomy A (Live)
Astronomy B (Live)
Concepts of Engineering and Technology (Self-Paced)
Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Business (Self-Paced)
Government & Economics B (Live & Self-Paced)
Marine Science: Secrets of the Deep Blue (Self-Paced)
Sound and Audio Engineering (Self-Paced)
Personal Leadership A (Live & Self-Paced)
Personal Leadership B (Live & Self-Paced)
Social Leadership A (Live & Self-Paced)
Social Leadership B (Live & Self-Paced)
Professional Leadership (Live & Self-Paced)
Financial Leadership (Live & Self-Paced)

**Detailed course descriptions are available to California partner schools for review upon request.