Middle School Humanities Program

Help your student turn their love of stories into fascination with the human story.

How we guide your student

Your student loves stories. Stories are fun, exciting, surprising, exhilarating, and all around them. In many cases, stories are much more interesting than schoolwork for your student—and as much as you want them to hang on to their love of stories, you also want them to learn the things they need to know to become informed, responsible young adults. Our Middle School Humanities program has you covered: we guide your student through the essential concepts of social studies and language arts by turning each one into an engaging story.

Mentors in this program take students on a world tour of the history of freedom and human culture. Through projects that engage all five senses using simulated travel and artistic, musical, and culinary elements, students experience aspects of life in a variety of countries across time and space. In the process, students learn to spot the principles, patterns, and ideas that have shaped the human story. Mentors also work with students to improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and introduce students to classic literature. Each course ends with a summit project that calls on students to apply everything they’ve learned that semester.

By completing these courses, students develop an awareness of how society arrived at where it is today and the role they can play in taking care of the world around them. They become more confident communicators, more well-rounded, independent thinkers, and—most importantly—more intrigued by the stories they encounter every day.

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year. Some courses require subscriptions e.g., Adobe software or online magazines that may not be covered by partner schools. Required books and materials are noted in this document, in SIS, and on individual course pages.