Middle School Leadership Program

Give your student the tools to weather the storm of adolescence and learn how to steer their ship.

How we guide your student

For your student, middle school is a significant and challenging transition phase. Their hormones, relationships, and life circumstances are all changing as they move into adolescence. As a parent, you want this phase to be meaningful, rewarding, and fun for your student—you want them to embrace and enjoy the change they’re experiencing, not see it as a dark and mysterious force to be battled. Simply put, this is why our Middle School Leadership Program exists.

Mentors in this program help students develop life skills that empower them to take excellent care of themselves and their relationships. Each course includes projects that guide students to make the most of their time and energy and develop core values such as humility, self-awareness, resilience, and courage. Mentors use a story-based framework to package time-tested leadership principles and transformational readings into a format that is fun and engaging for middle schoolers. Students work in pods that meet twice per week with a mentor who helps them discover the hidden potential for leadership in each challenge they face.

By participating in these classes, students gain a sense of groundedness that makes their current phase of life feel more purposeful and less accidental. They are aware of their unique heroes, gifts, goals, and obstacles, and have established habits of thinking and behavior that enable them to begin steering their own lives in the direction they want to go.

8th Grade Courses

Leadership 8A
Leadership 8B