High School Fine Arts Program

Give your student the chance to elevate their creative skills.

How we guide your student

Your student is naturally creative. Whether they express it through music, art, film, drama, photography, or any other medium, they have something unique and inspiring to share with the world. You want them to leverage their creative talents wherever they go in life—and know how to set themselves apart from the crowd. Our High School Fine Arts program prepares students to do just that.

Mentors in these courses guide students through an exploration of the best works in each field and support them in creating art themselves. Through a selection of live and self-paced courses on subjects ranging from guitar to culinary arts, students can choose to delve into topics that resonate with their natural gifts—or explore something they’ve never tried before. Through Independent Studies, students can also earn credit for artistic projects and activities they’re working on outside Williamsburg.

By completing these courses, students hone their skills in disciplines that truly excite them. They become more aware of opportunities to pursue their chosen art form and develop creative skills that will help them along the way.

All Courses*

3D Design: Modeling, Animation, & Printing (under Ed Tech in SIS)
Digital Art & Graphic Design (under Ed Tech in SIS)
Independent Fine Arts (under Fine Arts in SIS)

*Fine Arts courses can satisfy Fine Arts or Electives credit. Please speak to your Academic Counselor if you have questions. Fine Arts may be taken in any grade.

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year. Some courses require subscriptions e.g., Adobe software or online magazines that may not be covered by partner schools. Required books and materials are noted in this document, in SIS, and on individual course pages.