3D Design & Animation

Why This Class

Is your student fascinated by the world of animation? Do they love watching animated films even more than live-action ones? Today, your student’s taste for exploring these realms can lead to lucrative careers or satisfying hobbies. With that in mind, this course gives your student the chance to go behind the scenes of 3D animation and design.

Students in this self-paced course learn how to build digital worlds from the ground up with detailed characters, objects, and landscapes. They learn to animate their 3D creations with a full range of motions and movements using Blender 2.7x, and develop their creative skills as they create, tinker, and explore an immersive, shareable online world of their own.

Students emerge from this course with an appreciation for the effort and artistic talent that go into creating the animated worlds they adore. They are also prepared to make informed choices about pursuing a career path in designing these worlds themselves.

Overarching Questions

How do I design 3D characters, objects, and landscapes?

How can I animate objects with a variety of motions?

How do I import my 3D creations into the Blender game engine?

How do my artistic abilities translate into online worlds?

Required Materials

Blender 2.7 or higher (free download)
Personal computer or laptop

*This course will not work on a Chromebook.

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 9th (Freshman) – 12th (Senior)

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Weekly Hours: 5

Format: Self-paced

Credits: 0.5

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.