We Empower and Liberate Your Family

You see your children’s potential. As a parent, you want to help them fulfill that potential by giving them a great education, but too many schools lack either the academics or values that your children need. Some lack both!

You want:

This is what we do.

We’ve combined strong academics, a leadership-driven curriculum, world-class mentors and a flexible structure to liberate your family to be who you are — and who you are is awesome.

Our parents and students will tell you how effective we are. And our results speak for themselves.

Our vision is to graduate tens of thousands of purpose-driven alumni who think wisely, serve selflessly, and live adventurously.

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Giving Your Family an Edge

You’re not satisfied with traditional educational options, but many alternative options simply don’t work. You want the advantages of alternative education—but you also want it to give your family an edge.

Our vision is bold. Our methods are proven. And our results speak for themselves.


Our graduates have been admitted to some of the most selective universities, including Harvard, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, Northwestern, Hillsdale, BYU, London School of Economics, Yale Business School, Dartmouth, Harding, Boston College, and more. Many of our students are able to attend their first college of choice. One hundred percent of alumni surveyed said that Williamsburg prepared them well for college.

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What We Believe About You

We believe our students have the potential to change the world. We teach our students how to think, not what to think. We inspire them to live deep values, not worldly trends. Rather than droning along on the conveyor belt, our students learn and practice principles that help them live successful and meaningful lives.

We encourage our students to seek out the best influences, whether it be in literature, media, relationships, etc. We introduce them to the best, most timeless ideas from the greatest minds in history. We show them how those ideas apply in today’s technologically-advanced world.

We provide them with a positive, uplifting, and challenging atmosphere. This results in students who take control of their life, education, and future.

But don’t take our word for it—see what our students say about their experience.

We additionally believe that you are ultimately responsible for your children’s education. We support you and provide your family with education freedom and quality. We believe in the power of intentional parenting, and our program’s flexibility allows you to lead your family the best way you can in order to raise responsible kids in your unique family culture. As your strategic partner, we provide encouragement, ideas, and coaching for you to help support your students.

Williamsburg Learning FAQs

What are Williamsburg Learning schools?

Williamsburg Learning schools are accredited online middle and high schools serving grades 6 – 12. Our program is built on a classical education model, and emphasizes leadership, the liberal arts, and technology.

Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) and Leadership Academy of Nevada (LANV) are Williamsburg-accredited online public charter schools in Utah and Nevada. Williamsburg Academy (WA) is an online private school serving students from all over the world. Students in these schools have full access to all Williamsburg Learning courses.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in Saint George, Utah. Because all Williamsburg Learning schools are online, our students live across the U.S., Canada, and in other countries around the world.

Leadership Academy of Nevada serves our students living in Nevada, and Leadership Academy of Utah serves our students living in Utah.

What are your teachers like?

We call our teachers mentors because they have the role of helping students develop as leaders, in addition to the traditional teacher role of helping them acquire knowledge. We have searched long and hard to find mentors who truly care about our students and are naturally gifted at teaching. If you ask a Williamsburg student to tell you about their mentors, you are likely to hear words like: engaging, fun, inspiring, smart, hilarious, crazy, caring, and talented. For many students and families, our mentors are the main attraction of our entire program.

What kind of students do you serve?

Williamsburg Learning schools serve grades 6 – 12. We attract bright and dedicated students who want to study the great minds and learn to think critically. Our program is rigorous and requires self-discipline, initiative and hard work.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds including home, public, and private schools. No particular background is necessary to become a successful student. A strong work ethic, eagerness to learn, and a desire to help others are the key ingredients of success at any Williamsburg school.

What outdoor programs do you offer?

We partner with Elevation Outdoors to deliver our popular outdoor program to students.

Are you affiliated with any religious organizations?

Williamsburg is non-denominational and welcomes students from all faiths and students with no religious inclination at all. Religious doctrines are not taught in class; we leave this responsibility to churches and parents. Williamsburg’s policy on religion is exactly that stated in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. We do not endorse, promote or favor any religion over others. Nor will we ever do so. At the same time, Williamsburg will not prohibit the free exercise of religion by any student. We enjoy a free flow of ideas, including a diversity of religious views. We seek to create a culture in which students share their opinions openly and learn to understand and respect disparate worldviews. We may use historical religious texts to understand cultural and historical perspectives.
Teachers and staff do not discuss religion or faith with students on an individual basis unless requested by a parent, who is also present. When these issues organically arise in a group discussion, mentors avoid sharing their own beliefs and focus on moderating student conversation in a way that is respectful toward all perspectives.

Are schools in the Williamsburg Learning network accredited?

Yes. Because of their affiliation with Williamsburg Learning, all schools in our system are fully accredited by AdvancED through June 2022. See our accreditation certificate here.