Why This Class

This course focuses on one of the coolest scientific topics of all: our planet Earth! Students will learn to connect how atoms and energy interact to create Earth systems, and consequently, the complexities of the Earth around us.

Through hands-on projects, mentors help the students discover how the smallest, most basic particles of matter can combine to create each and every feature of our universe. This course will help students experience the wonder of Earth Science—the ability to observe their physical surroundings, and both observe and connect with them at a much deeper level. Students will also learn about the connections between Earth Science and Chemistry, Engineering, Energy and Biology. They will see models, do presentations and design experiments as they investigate how all of these fields of science relate to each other.

Overarching Questions

How does an atom relate to matter?

What is the difference between chemical and physical changes?

What is the Law of Conservation of Mass?

How does energy affect matter?

What is the relationship between atoms and energy?

What roles do chemistry and the Conservation of Mass play in the Carbon and Nitrogen cycles?

Reading List


This course requires a few supplies. Please see the book list in SIS for details.

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 8th

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Weekly Hours: 6

Format: Live

Credits: 0.5

*Help from parents will be necessary to complete some projects. All classes include supplemental projects and optional readings.

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Please note that program and course descriptions, as well as reading and materials lists, are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year. Book and materials lists for the upcoming school year are published in SIS mid to late June. Some courses require subscriptions e.g., Adobe software or online magazines that may not be covered by partner schools.