How We Help Schools

Reach new students quickly and get additional funding for your school or district.

Your Distance Ed Program in a Box

To help you launch an online option for your families with minimal hassle, we do 95% of the work for you. We provide the online classroom, our inspiring curriculum, world-class mentors, technical support, student intervention, and full academic administration, including our own SIS and registrar who will directly collaborate with your team. Our program is fully accredited by Cognia. We also host online and local events and in-person summer camps to foster connections between students. Finally, we offer in-person and virtual seminars to spread the word about our program in your area. You can view our Cognia certificate here.

*Note: Cognia was formerly AdvancEd.

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A Bridge to Your Hard-to-Reach Students

You want to serve as many students in your area as possible but might struggle to connect with homeschoolers and other families who are seeking alternative options. We help you attract these families and retain funding by offering a program designed with their unique needs and values in mind. Our approach lets families access a top-notch college preparatory experience from the comfort and safety of home while bringing you new students with built-in program compliance and ease of administration.

A Flexible, Inspiring Curriculum

To create an online program that lets your students enjoy the
experience of learning from home, we’ve built our curriculum to foster meaningful human connection while accommodating a diverse range of student needs. Our mentors help students discover their unique gifts and learn how to think, not what to think. Many of our courses are available in both live and self-paced formats, as well as two different levels of difficulty: Classic and Honors (Honors classes include 30% more assignments than the Classic version). These options give families the flexibility to choose the schedule and workload that fits best for them.

What choice will you make for your students?

Many online programs provide an uninspiring, unchallenging, and impersonal student experience with mediocre-to-poor results. Williamsburg gives you a live, high-quality program that’s transformational for students, easy for you, and backed by proven results: