Calculus B

Why This Class

This is an exciting time for you and your student. You have watched them learn and grow and it is fast-becoming the time for them to apply years of education and exploration to life as an adult. This course combines all those years of preparation and helps students connect complex math concepts to the real world, transcending their current understanding.

Students in this self-paced course use our math learning platform to apply definite integrals to calculate the areas under curves and explore real-life applications of physics or statistics. They learn differentiation and integration of transcendental functions by exploring logarithmic and exponential functions as well as trigonometric functions. Students will fine-tune their understanding of integration techniques and begin the study of infinite series and sequences.

By the end of this course, students have a solid foundation in mathematics and are ready for the next level, whether that is college mathematics or applying knowledge and high-level thinking to adult life.

Overarching Questions

How can I use mathematics to transcend my current understanding?

Reading List

A Graphing Calculator is optional. Please see the book list in SIS for details.

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 12th (Senior)

Prerequisites: Calculus A

Estimated Weekly Hours: 5-7

Format: Self-paced

Credits: 0.5

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.