High School Language Arts Program

Help your student learn what it takes to live a meaningful story.

How we guide your student

Some students are natural empathizers, intuitively sensitive to the stories and needs of the people around them. For others, this skill set doesn’t come as naturally—but in either case, gaining exposure to the breadth and depth of human experience through literature can help them better connect with others and themselves. You want your student to cultivate empathy, as well as expand their creativity and imagination. Our High School Social Studies Program accomplishes all of this by guiding your student through some of humanity’s best stories.

Mentors hand-pick the readings in these courses to spark transformations in high school students—moments when they see themselves and the world in an entirely new way. As students complete each reading, they feel the joys and sorrows of memorable characters and learn to see how the themes, plotlines, symbolism, and cause-and-effect in literature relates to their own daily lives. In addition to reading great novels and epic poems, students develop their writing skills through both critical analyses and creative projects. Students also gain a new awareness of how literature has shaped and been shaped by world events over time.

By completing these courses, students become conscious of the interconnectedness between all human stories and discover the principles that distinguish a meaningful, uplifting story from a broken one. This perspective prepares them to write their own (and contribute to others’) life stories with maximum amounts of authenticity and integrity.

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.