High School Leadership Program

Give your student the knowledge and skills
to stand out as an emerging leader.

How we guide your student

You’ve heard the saying, “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.” As your student moves through high school, they are pursuing the transition from “today’s youth” to “tomorrow’s leader”—and you want them to move into adulthood with a sense of confidence in their ability to lead themselves and to inspire the people around them. Most importantly, you want them to have the self-awareness and grit they need to create a happy, meaningful, and successful life. This is what our High School Leadership Program is all about.

Mentors in this program guide students to master three core skills: making and keeping commitments, maximizing their time and energy, and developing and nurturing healthy relationships. Each course is built on projects that challenge students to apply these skills in their daily lives, including volunteer and humanitarian work experiences, deep personal reflection, and weekly accountability check-ins. To support their projects, students explore works on leadership by some of the world’s top authorities. These courses also help students prepare for college and develop healthy and effective relationships with money.

By completing leadership courses, students gain deep insight into their life’s purpose and prepare to enter adulthood with a rare sense of maturity and self-direction. They are equipped with a toolbelt of principles that help them uncover the right course of action in whatever challenges they face. As a result, they set a positive example for others no matter where they choose to go next.

9th Grade Courses

Personal Leadership A (includes Ed Tech)
Personal Leadership B (includes Fitness for Life)

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year. Some courses require subscriptions e.g., Adobe software or online magazines that may not be covered by partner schools. Required books and materials are noted in this document, in SIS, and on individual course pages.