High School Math Program

Give your student the training to tackle problems like a mathematician.

How we guide your student

Your student may or may not see an obvious role for math in their future, depending on whether they want to become an author, an engineer, or anything else in between. Either way, you know that problem-solving is one skill that will serve them well in any future endeavor—to break down the questions in front of them and apply proven principles to find solutions that work—and you know math can help them hone that skill. You also know that teaching your student math on your own is much easier said than done. Our High School Math Program has you both covered.

Students in live math courses meet four times per week with a highly-trained math mentor. Two of these classes are discussions where students learn the history, meaning, and real-life application of math concepts and the remaining two are for hands-on problem-solving. Students also have access to drop-in sessions with live math tutors every week. In addition to practice in CK-12, live courses include classical math readings and “Writing About Math” assignments that add context and relevance to each topic. Students who understand math easily and want to accelerate their learning can choose to enroll in self-paced math courses*, where they exclusively work in CK-12 and have access to tutors for help with challenging concepts.

By completing these courses, students gain a practical sense of how the language of math applies to their everyday lives and prepare for success on the ACT and SAT. Most importantly, they train their brains to think clearly and logically about the challenges they encounter in math and life.

Preparatory Math Courses (Not for high school credit)

Intro to HS Math A
Intro to HS Math B

Integrated High School Math Pathway (Recommended)

After years of guiding students along the traditional math pathway (Algebra 1 > Geometry > Algebra 2), we noticed that many of them would reach Algebra 2 with little retention of the algebra concepts they learned in their first year. For that reason, our flagship math program is now an integrated path in which students study algebra and geometry together for two years—High School Math 1 and High School Math 2—and are then fully primed for High School Math 3 (a.k.a. Algebra 2) and beyond.

High School Math 1A
High School Math 1B
High School Math 2A
High School Math 2B
High School Math 3A
High School Math 3B
Pre-Calculus A
Pre-Calculus B
Calculus A (self-paced only)
Calculus B (self-paced only)

Traditional High School Math Pathway

If your student has already started along the traditional math pathway and completed part of Algebra 1 or Geometry before coming to Williamsburg, we offer self-paced traditional math courses to smooth the transition to the integrated path and live math courses.

Algebra 1A (self-paced only)
Algebra 1B (self-paced only)
Geometry A (self-paced only)
Geometry B (self-paced only)
Algebra 2A (self-paced only)
Algebra 2B (self-paced only)
Pre-Calculus A
Pre-Calculus B
Calculus A (self-paced only)
Calculus B (self-paced only)

Independent Math Courses (All high school math levels)

*Students who take self-paced math courses have the option to who move through both semesters of their math work in the first semester. This way, they earn credit for both at no extra charge. For example, if a High School Math 1A student also completes the work for High School Math 1B in the fall semester, they’ll get credit for both courses in the same semester and will not be charged for the second 0.5 credits they earn.

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.