STEM 6/7 D

Why This Class

Extreme weather can seem mysterious and frightening, especially when you’re young. In the event of a natural disaster, it helps if your student is aware of what’s happening and what they can do in response. This course guides students to unravel the mysteries of severe weather.

Mentors in this course introduce students to the mechanics of powerful natural forces including tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Students build weather models, simulate weather events, and learn what they can do to prepare for natural disasters. Mentors also help students study extreme weather throughout history and evaluate and spread awareness about their own community’s emergency preparedness plans.

As a result of completing this course, students are more conscious of the science behind extreme weather and better able to help themselves and others in the event of a natural disaster.

Overarching Questions

How will studying STEM subjects prepare me to be a leader?

What causes weather cycles and extreme weather?

How do weather experts predict the weather?

What different qualities and characteristics help a person in a time of crisis?

What are the essential rules to follow in the event of a community disaster?

Reading List

Serafina’s Promise by Ann E. Burg

Weather For Dummies by John D. Cox

This course requires additional supplies. Please see the book list in SIS for details.

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 6th, 7th

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Weekly Hours: 5 (Classic) to 7 (Honors)*

Format: Live

Credits: 0.5

*Help from parents will be necessary to complete some of these projects. All classes will include supplemental projects and optional readings.

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Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.