Middle School Typing & Tech

Why This Class

Your student is already a digital native, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve developed a healthy and robust set of skills to navigate and stay safe in the digital world. This course is designed to help your student develop that skill set so they can thoroughly enjoy their online middle school experience.

Mentors in this course help students develop digital leadership skills including Internet safety and accountability. Students also learn tech skills such as working with spreadsheets and creating excellent presentations, practice typing in short bursts daily and meet once a month in a live class to hone their skills with a mentor.

Students who complete this course gain both the technical skills and the self-awareness they need to thrive in an online learning environment, which will give them an edge in all their future educational pursuits.

Overarching Questions

How can I practice leadership while using the Internet?

How can I create high-quality spreadsheets and presentations?

Why does typing matter?

What are typing "crutches" and how can I type without using them?

How can I improve my typing speed and accuracy?

Reading List

Mentors provide the required learning materials for this course.

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 6th, 7th, 8th

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Weekly Hours: 2

Format: Self-paced, with 4 monthly live sessions

Credits: 0.5