7th Grade Math B

Why This Class

As a parent, you get satisfaction from seeing your student think critically and look beneath the surface of a question to understand the underlying patterns. Through advanced arithmetic and introductory algebra concepts, this course helps your student do just that.

Students in this course solidify their problem-solving skills with negative numbers and basic probability. Mentors also help students explore proportionality and unit rates and how they appear in everyday life (including through questions such as “what is the perfect proportion of milk to a cookie?”). During this course, students begin solving one-step equations with one unknown, creating strong foundations for 8th Grade Math.

By the end of this course, students feel comfortable tackling detailed questions about probability. They are more confident than ever in their ability to learn and use math to solve problems.

Overarching Questions

How do I know which choice is the most likely?

How can I deepen my understanding of percentages and proportions?

How can I deepen my understanding of inequalities, triangles, and exponents?

What strategies do I need to solve two-step equations?

How do I calculate the circumference of a circle?

Reading List


Course Details

Recommended Grade: 7th

Prerequisites: 7th Grade Math A

Estimated Weekly Hours: 7*

Format: Live, Self-paced

Credits: 0.5

*Math students will spend four hours in live workshops with a mentor and an estimated 30 minutes a day practicing math.

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