Course Types Explained

Choose the right experience for your student.

You want an educational experience that works for your student’s needs and your
family’s lifestyle. We offer many courses in multiple formats so you can choose
the one that’s best for you.

Live Courses

If you want the personal connection of an excellent brick-and-mortar classroom combined with the flexibility of online learning for your student, choose this option. Our signature live online courses are the heart of the Williamsburg program, led by expert mentors who create a deep sense of community between students. Live courses include the following benefits:

Classic & Honors Versions

In many live courses, we offer both a Classic and Honors format. Students in both versions meet in the same live class sessions, but students in Honors courses have about 30% more readings and assignments, including projects that are more challenging. Students are welcome to enroll in whichever version fits best for them and can switch within the first twenty-one days of the semester. Honors courses are not available in the self-paced format.

Classic courses provide:

Honors courses provide:

Self-Paced Courses

If your student works well independently or needs more flexibility to work around other
activities, our self-paced courses are an ideal option and provide a richer, more personal experience than many other asynchronous online courses. Self-paced courses include the following benefits: