A Culture of Belonging

We want every student to be who they are.

At Williamsburg, we welcome families and students from all walks of life, including all religious backgrounds. We do not affiliate with any specific faith or tradition, but we do take a unique approach to foster class discussions based on each student’s unique perspectives on life and the world. Simply put, we want all of our students to feel free to express themselves as they are.

Your student’s beliefs and worldview shape the way they see the world. We encourage them to share that perspective positively and respectfully whenever it’s appropriate in the context of a class discussion. We also believe there is value in giving students the opportunity to interact with peers who are comfortable sharing their worldviews in an equally positive and respectful way—even and especially when those views are different from your student’s.

The result of this approach is a learning environment where students come to recognize the similarities between their perspectives while also accepting and understanding their differences. This experience parallels what students will encounter in life beyond school and accelerates their development into young adults who are confident expressing who they are and skilled at building relationships with others from different backgrounds.