Humanities 7 A

Why This Class

As a parent, you strive to help your kids break through the bubble of their own experience and become aware of life in other cultures. You also seek to make sure your kids appreciate what they have and realize the importance of giving back to others.

In pursuit of these goals, this course takes students on a guided journey through the history and culture of Latin America. Through projects that engage all five senses, mentors help students discover the geography, politics and significant events and people that have shaped Latin America and explore its unique artistic and culinary heritage.

At the end of this course, students get to practice “giving well” through a summit project in which they raise funds for a charity of their choice in Latin America. Students who complete this course learn what it means to put empathy into action.

Overarching Questions

In what ways are all humans connected?

In what ways are all humans similar and dissimilar?

How has Latin America shaped the history of the United States? How has the U.S. shaped Latin America?

How are culture, religion, and history connected?

What are effective and ineffective ways to help those in need?

Reading List

Aztec, Inca and Maya by D.K. Eyewitness Books

The Ugly One by Leanne Statland Ellis

Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Selections Packet

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 7th

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Weekly Hours: 5 (Classic)*, 7 (Honors)*

Format: Live

Credits: 0.5

*Help from parents will be necessary to complete some of these projects. All classes will include supplemental projects and optional readings.

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