Our Mentors

A worldwide team to inspire, encourage,
challenge and support your student.

You want your student to connect with the best educators. Because we’re online, we are not
limited to a geographic area to find excellent mentors who inspire your student to unleash
their potential. At Williamsburg, your student will form a deep connection with many of their
mentors — and a few may change their life.

Abby Alley

Humanities Mentor

Tanner Bowman Electives Mentor
Tanner Bowman

Electives Mentor

Cissily Braten

Science & Stem Mentor

photo of tiahna burbank, mentor at Williamsburg Academy
Tiahna Burbank

Language Arts & Leadership Mentor

Camille Christensen

Director of Academics

Mentor Rachael Colman
Rachael Colman

Math and Science Mentor

Cara Dansie

Second Language Mentor

Kathryn Garland - Math Mentor
Kathryn Garland

Math Mentor

Ross Gilbert

Leadership Mentor & Program Leader

Emily Gutierrez

Humanities & Writing Mentor

Travis Hall

Math Mentor

Karlie Hardman

Fine Arts Mentor

Stephanie Knighton

Math Mentor & Program Leader

Mary Martinez Science Mentor
Mary Martinez

Science Mentor

Will Miller

Leadership & PE Mentor

Heidi Mitchell

Social Studies & Humanities Mentor

Kelli Oka Humanities mentor photo
Kelli Oka

Humanities Mentor

Kelci Quilter Profile Picture
Kelci Quilter

French Mentor

Kent Schwager

Leadership, Science & STEM Mentor; Program Leader

Brian Shetka

Language Arts Mentor

Annie Spiel

Personal & Social Leadership Mentor

bethany stevenson social studies mentor
Bethany Stevenson

Social Studies Mentor

Stan Szczesny

Language Arts, Writing & Fine Arts Mentor

Mentor Colleen Tucker
Colleen Tucker

Leadership Mentor

Karen Tyler

Earth Science Mentor & Science Program Leader

Karin Williams

American Literature Mentor & Program Leader

Toni Winder

Language Arts & Leadership Mentor

Andy Young

Science & STEM Mentor