Our Mentors

A worldwide team to inspire, encourage,
challenge and support your student.

You want your student to connect with the best educators. Because we’re online, we are not
limited to a geographic area to find excellent mentors who inspire your student to unleash
their potential. At Williamsburg, your student will form a deep connection with many of their
mentors — and a few may change their life.

Abby Alley

Humanities Mentor

Tanner Bowman

Electives Mentor

Camille Christensen

Math Mentor

Cara Dansie


Jackie DeLaveaga

Electives Mentor

Kathryn Garland

Math Mentor

Ross Gilbert

Leadership Mentor

Berit Green

French Mentor

Emily Gutierrez

Humanities & Writing Mentor

Travis Hall

Math Mentor

Karlie Hardman

Fine Arts Mentor

Jenelle Howard

Humanities Mentor

Cebre Jacob

Math Mentor

Greg Larson

Writing Mentor

Will Miller

Leadership & PE Mentor

Heidi Mitchell


Rob Noorda

Curriculum Director, Program Leader & Mentor

Christina Reed

Spanish Mentor

Kimberly Reeder

Leadership Mentor

Dave Rees

Science & STEM Mentor

Kent Schwager

Leadership, Science & STEM Mentor

Robert Shrout

Leadership & Social Studies Mentor

Elizabeth Sutton

Program Leader

Stan Szczesny

Language Arts, Writing & Fine Arts Mentor

Colleen Tucker


Karen Tyler

STEM Mentor

Karin Williams

Language Arts & Writing Mentor

Jaylee Willis

Math Mentor

Andy Young

Science & STEM Mentor