Common Questions about Second Language Courses

Can my student move at an accelerated pace?

Yes. Our language courses are self-paced so students can go at their own speed. This means that it’s possible for students to complete more than one course in a semester. A motivated student can easily complete two or more courses in one semester if they are dedicated and work consistently.

Can my student “test out” of a second language course if they already know the material?

Yes, to an extent. If your student is highly confident in the language, they can just do the core lessons and milestones in Rosetta Stone and bypass the more basic lessons in each unit. They will still need to complete student presentations, notebook checks, and introductory assignments outside of Rosetta Stone.

Will my student get high school credit for completing a second language course?

Yes, but only if they are in high school when they complete the course. For example, if your student took Spanish 1 in middle school, they would need to repeat that course in high school in order to have it appear on their high school transcript. Since the courses are self-paced, your student could likely repeat the course quite quickly.

Is it possible for a second language course to fulfill a language arts credit?

Yes. If your student is enrolled at Williamsburg Academy or Leadership Academy of Utah, a third or higher year of foreign language credit can count as a fourth credit of language arts. For example, your student could take Spanish 3a and 3b instead of Language Arts 12a and 12b or another language arts course in their senior year.

(This option may or may not be available for students enrolled at our other partner schools, depending on state regulations.)

Can my student take more than the three to five levels of a language offered by Rosetta Stone?

Maybe. If your student wants to keep learning but has completed all available Rosetta Stone content for a language, they may be able to enroll in an Independent Studies second language course. These courses require more independent, less guided study time. Check with your school counselor for more details.

How many second language credits are required for college admissions?

Some colleges and universities (and some scholarships) require two years of a foreign language on your student’s high school transcript—that is, two consecutive years of the same language. Check with the admissions department at the college you’re considering if this is a concern.