Prepare your student for a meaningful life of principled leadership.

We offer a complete and fully accredited—yet radically unconventional—high school and middle school program. It’s education reimagined to empower your student to thrive in the 21st century. And because we’re online, your student can participate from anywhere.

We Aim for Transformation

As a parent, you want your student to reach the highest level of their potential, to enjoy and experience life to the very fullest—and so do we. To get there, your student needs to break away from the habits and ideas that will otherwise hold them back from becoming the most powerful, authentic version of themselves. That takes transformation, which is why we guide students through the works of history’s most influential thinkers and through projects that invite them to put ideas into action: to clear a path for the potential that’s already waiting inside them.

We Train for Real Leadership

Today more than ever, you want your student to have the courage and tenacity to step off the beaten path, define their own way through the world, and set a strong and positive example for others. It’s easier said than done. To make this happen, your student must know how to think (not what to think), learn to make decisions based on principles instead of peer pressure, and develop the skills to maximize their energy, time, and relationships. We weave these major lessons into the fabric of every course to help your student practice leadership every day.

We Hire Mentors, not Teachers

You want your student to be supported in becoming who they are—not made to fit the mold of anyone’s expectations. It takes a special kind of person to do this: a mentor who connects with your student personally, honors their individual talents and gifts, and inspires them to show up fully at school and in life. We search the globe to find just that kind of mentor to lead each of our courses. Our mentors ask questions instead of giving lectures, and challenge students to take ownership of their education for their own reasons—preparing them for a life lived intentionally.

Every mentor uses these six practices to guide your student:

Classical High
School Program

Engaging, Project-
based, Middle
School Program