Writing & Rhetoric A (Honors)

Why This Class

Is your freshman student a strong writer? Do they already know the fundamentals of writing five-paragraph essays? If so, you probably recognize that they are ready for higher-level training. This course gives them a head start on building the advanced and emerging skills that will help them communicate successfully in the 21st century.

Mentors in this course guide students through projects that help them solidify core skills, from research and critical thinking to rhetoric and debate. Students refine their unique voice and creative flair in essay writing and literary analysis and apply sophisticated spoken-word techniques in speeches and debates. They also practice using technology to collect, organize, evaluate, and communicate information. Through exchanging peer feedback, students gain confidence in their writing and their ability to express and critique ideas.

Students emerge from this course more articulate than ever, both in writing and speech. They see the benefit of honing advanced communication skills to gain an edge in school and life—and to impact the world around them for the better.

Overarching Questions

Why is it critical that I receive and incorporate feedback on my writing?

What is rhetoric and how do I use it as a writer?

How do I correctly format an essay according to MLA standards?

How can I most effectively edit my writing?

How do I craft an informative speech that is both interesting and educational?

Reading List

Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by James C. Hume

Bandersnatch: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings by Diana Pavlac Glyer

Essays and short stories provided by mentor

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 9th (Freshman)

Prerequisites: Mentor recommendation

Estimated Weekly Hours: 6

Format: Live

Credits: 0.5

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