8th Grade Math B

Why This Class

As a parent, you want your student to know that the sky’s the limit for what they can accomplish. With that in mind, this course helps students make progress towards two significant accomplishments—mastering math and starting a business—through hands-on, practical math exercises.

Throughout this course, mentors guide students to apply foundational algebra concepts to the real-life experience of starting a company, and ultimately realize that (from a math perspective) we’re all in business! Students learn how to easily find solutions to multi-variable situations that occur every day and explore the ins-and-outs of linear functions. Mentors also help students use graphing to solve problems and make inferences by analyzing trends in data.

As a result of completing this course, students are more conscious of how mastering math can help them create value for others and bring their purpose to life. They also have an excellent foundation of skills that prepare them to thrive in high school math courses.

Overarching Questions

What geometry and statistics foundations do I need to master math?

What is a linear model?

What is the difference between congruence and similarity?

How can I use graphing to help solve real-world problems?

Reading List

Students simply need to create an account in Khan Academy and add Williamsburg Academy as their coach.

Course Details

Recommended Grade: 8th

Prerequisites: 8th Grade Math A

Estimated Weekly Hours: 7*

Format: Live, Self-paced

Credits: 0.5

*Math students will spend an estimated 30 minutes a day practicing math. Additionally, students in the live course attend four weekly live workshops led by a mentor.

Please note that program and course descriptions are subject to change as we continuously improve our curriculum throughout the year.