Mentoring at Williamsburg

What Mentors Say About Working Here

Teaching vs. Mentoring

We call our teachers “mentors.” Teachers lecture—mentors inspire. Teachers care about test scores—mentors care about students and unleashing their potential. Teachers work in a job—mentors fulfill a mission. For many students and families, our mentors are the main attraction of our entire program.

The Williamsburg Curriculum

The Williamsburg Curriculum is designed to empower students to thrive in the 21st century. Our curriculum centers on leadership and teaching students how to think (not what to think). We weave these major lessons into every course to help students practice leadership every day. Our Six Mentor Practices are the secret sauce for doing this.

Mentor Practices

Inspiring Professional Development Program

Our professional development program for mentors is unique. In short, we believe inspired mentors are better equipped to inspire students. The program includes meaningful weekly training sessions for mentors while keeping bureaucracy at bay. In addition, our asynchronous Mentor Mastery program provides additional opportunities for self-driven personal and professional growth.

Our Organizational Structure

Williamsburg Learning (WL) is a private company that operates a private school, Williamsburg Academy (WA). WL also has an exclusive contract with Leadership Academy of Utah (LAU) to recruit and hire mentors and provide them with professional development, accountability, and opportunities for collaboration.